Shuffle Twister

Shuffle Twister

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Twister card game brings a whole new level of twisted fun. You become the mat as you have to balance cards on your body and touch other colours to stay in the game

All sit in a circle cross legged.Sit so you can touch the players next to you.

  • Take one card of each colour Red, Yellow, Blue & Green and put them on the floor equally spaced between the players.
  • The youngest player takes the top card from the stack and turns it over.
  • The card will tell you what to do. You either have to put a card on yourself and touch a colour OR put the card on another player.
  • If you are asked to touch then look to see if you touch with your hand or your foot. then look to see which colour the spinner is pointing to.
  • If you are asked to place a card on another player then look to see which colour the spinner is pointing to and place the card on a player ‘wearing’ a card of that colour. If more than one player or no player is wearing that colour you get to choose.
  • Each player gets two lives. If you loose both your lives you are out the game. Keep playing until one player is left.

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