SolForge Fusion Set 1 Booster - Single

SolForge Fusion Set 1 Booster - Single

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The SolForge Fusion Booster Kit is a reimagining of the traditional booster pack.

  • Each Booster Kit contains four one of a kind faction half- decks
  • These four half-decks can be also be recombined to create up to six different playable decks.
  • Combine with a player's current collection for limitless permutations.
  • Each booster kit includes enough cards for two players to create new decks.

In SolForge Fusion, players take on the role of Forgeborn. The Forgeborn are mighty heroes that can wield the magic and power of the SolForge by summoning creatures and casting spells that level up when they are played.

SolForge Fusion is a lane-based combat game. Each player has five lanes into which they can place at most one creature each. Creatures opposing one another will clash in battle. If a creature is unopposed in a lane, it will attack the opposing Forgeborn directly, reducing their health. The first player to reduce the opposing Forgeborn’s health to zero, wins the game.

Creatures, spells and Forgeborn come in unique, algorithmically-generated faction decks. While you can’t change the cards in a faction deck, you will fuse two faction decks together to construct the perfect deck. Since you only play a small fraction of your cards each time through your deck and those cards level up to new versions, which cards you choose to play will dramatically affect your deck’s behavior each game.

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