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A staple for most gamers around the world, Catan (formerly 'The Settlers of Catan') has been providing an epic challenge for over twenty years. With a huge amount of expansions, new varieties and crossover versions with some of the greatest franchises in the world, if you've never played a Catan game before, we've got them all here for you in one place!
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Catan Board Game Australia

Formally known as The Settlers of Catan, this board game is a popular choice for many avid gamers and those wanting to enjoy some friendly rivalry. Whether you want to gift the original Catan board game in Australia or add an extension pack to your gaming collection, we have a vast selection of options, themes, and crossover versions.

Explore Our Catan Board Game Expansions

Once you’ve got the hang of playing the original board game, enjoy new challenges with an expansion pack. There are a variety of expansion pack themes, so you can create a different adventure every time you play.

  • Traders and Barbarians: As you rebuild Catan, gain gold and victory points with completed tasks at the castle, however, watch out for the Barbarians interfering with your trade routes. You can use this expansion pack alone or enjoy it combined with sets such as Seafarers or Cities and Knights.
  • Seafarers: Head out to sea as you build shipping lanes and get ready to settle in unexplored islands near Catan. This expansion pack allows you to add more players to your game while continuing to enjoy the ease of play.
  • Cities and Knights: Protect your land with knights and enjoy the benefits of city improvements with the Cities and Knights expansion pack. If you’re ready for a lengthy challenge, this pack will have you thinking of complex strategies to prevent Barbarian attacks, obtain commodities, and build your cities.

Enjoy Playing Catan Your Way

Catan entered the gaming scene more than twenty years ago, and, due to its immense popularity, there are now various ways you can play the game.

  • Catan dice game: Take a short break and enjoy a single-player exploration with the Catan dice game. This portable game is also the perfect way to introduce new players to the Catan adventure.
  • Catan traveller: Share your love for Catan while on holiday with the traveller version. The compact box saves space in your luggage, and the game components are secure in drawers, holder trays, and dice shaker, so there is no need to worry about losing pieces.
  • Theme Catan games: Combine two things you love with the crossover Catan games, such as the Game of Thrones version or take a detour from earth and head into space with Starfarers.

There is always a new adventure waiting to happen with a Catan board game in Australia and our extensive range of expansion packs.