Dungeons & Dragons

A worldwide phenomenon and the original Role Playing Game, D&D has been helping would-be adventurers level up and take down monsters for over 40 years. Get your Adventure Books, Manuals and Dice Sets here!
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Discovering the Dungeons and Dragons World with HP Gaming

For close to 50 years, the Dungeons and Dragons game has captivated players across the globe as a fantasy, role-playing gaming experience. By giving players the freedom to choose and create their own adventures, this is definitely a game that will keep you and your friends busy for hours to come.

What Sets Dungeons and Dragons Apart From Other RPGs?

Unlike many similar games, this RPG puts you and your party in control of customising your gameplay experience:

  • Allows you to create an entire fantasy world where your next adventure will occur. Whether you plan on defeating a warlord or a goblin-infested ruin, you can decide what happens next.
  • Generate your character with its own unique abilities and traits. By allowing players to design their characters, they can personalise every aspect of their heroes, from appearance to physical and magical powers.
  • Never repeat the same storylines. Usually, the Dungeon Master is in charge of designing and narrating the plot of each unique game, but that does not mean that the players cannot give their input.

With the combination of character personalisation, team-based strategy, and ever-changing plotlines, you can craft a world of your own.

What Do D&D Gaming Sets Usually Contain?

Kits usually comprise several elements that you and your party will use to create and enact an adventure, including:

  • An adventure book. This book helps the Dungeon Master conjure up ideas for the next journey.
  • A rulebook. The rulebook seeks to teach you how to play, the general limitations and rules of the game, and the available gameplay options.
  • D&D dice sets. Unlike regular playing dice, D and D employs seven dice that contain a four-sided, six-sided, eight-sided, ten-sided, ten-sided percentile, a twelve-sided, and a twenty-sided die.

Take your friends and family on an adventure from the comfort of your own home with the most popular role-playing fantasy game in the world.