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"After dealing with Matt for other business (he was the photographer at our wedding), we fell in love with his awesome sense of humour and quick wit. We then began speaking of games and that led to him telling us about patreon and his love of games. We already loved PC games and D&D but the way he described certain games made us want to try them. His patreon has been something new and exciting for us and we love all the games. We now have a monthly games night to try the new games and love it to death! These games arrive free each month with the game crate subscription and the game is around $30-$35 in value, and there's no shipping cost! With the covid crap going on we need something to take our minds off the bad stuff. This is the perfect solution to that problem. We also love having the early access to the YouTube videos from Matt and Charlotte which can give us the step ahead of everyone to order once seeing a game being unboxed or played through." - Rechelle & Ben W. - Game Crate Subscribers.