New to Dungeons & Dragons? A veteran but can't get a party together? Looking to just have some great fun with some friends? Maybe a different type of Bucks or Hens Party?

HP GAMING is now offering

Packages available to suit any level of experience, from beginners (including pre-fab character sheets) through to experienced adventurers. We also offer custom adventures created specifically for your group, and you can book on a session-by-session basis or as simple as a one shot session or even a block of sessions to make up a full campaign. 

Your adventure begins here! 

Purple D20

Sessions include:

  • 2/3 hours of gameplay (depending on adventure, one-shot or campaign mode).
  • Dungeon Master to assist and run your game.
  • Pre-generated characters (or a pre-game character creation session, available at a special one off rate per player).
  • Choice of adventures or one-shots, our DM can recommend one for you too.
  • Fully curated soundscape, featuring ambient music, fantasy background music and epic battle scores! 
  • Physical session or online sessions available via free D&D Beyond toolset.
  • Physical sessions include all dice, maps, reference books and materials required to take your gaming experience to the next level!

DM Screen

Enquire now for rates and availability! Discounts on block bookings for your campaign with flexible session times.

DM for Hire

In space, no one can hear you scream

GAME MOTHER for the ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game also available for hire!

Simply email or call 0409 576 991 today to start your adventure! 

Testimonials from our D&D Players!

"I cannot recommend Matt enough as a Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons.
He is the best DM I have ever had and made the whole experience fun, compelling, and an opportunity to grow my character so much!
He is fantastic for both new and experienced players, great with voices and improvising.
Cant wait to hire him again for the next campaign!"
- Georgia Rose Vixen, Instagram Influencer @georgia_rose_vixen - Twitch: