Dungeons & Dickheads at True North!

Dungeons & Dickheads at True North!

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Get set for epic adventure on a grand scale! 

HP Gaming and True North Coburg have formed an alliance to bring you adventures that you'll laugh (and maybe cry) about for years to come. With tables for all levels available from the humble first steps of an adventurer to epic clashes with world-devouring creatures - this is a night of combat, role-play and the occasional bit of D&D Chaos! 

Book Now and secure a Dice & Mini loot pack valued at $25!

GROUP BOOKINGS: If you are looking to play with a full table of your mates, please book TOGETHER (ie. If there are 4 of you, book 4 seats on the one order.) Our DM's will be in touch to discuss names and so on. 

LONE WOLVES: If you don't care where you sit, and just want to have a great time, please snag a spot and we'll reach out to discuss the best fit for you in terms of your experience. 

When you book, please select your preferred table from the dropdown (before you head to checkout.) 

BEGINNER (Levels 1-4): If you've never played D&D 5e or you want a low level adventure that won't prove too taxing on the noggin, this is for you. There will be 5 tables available for this level.

INTERMEDIATE (Levels 5-10): For those who know the game - this is for seasoned adventurers or those not afraid to wade through the muck of a battlefield. The risks are greater... but so to are the rewards. There will be 1-2 tables at this level pending requests.

EPIC (Level 10+): Not for the faint of heart. This is D&D 5e at high levels. Big monsters, epic combats, and some wild times ahead. Not all of those who sit at this table will be expected to leave alive. There will be one table at this level - which will seat up to 7 players!

BYO Character Sheets is an option, otherwise our DMs will have pre-generated PCs for you to run. Dice, pencils, etc will be supplied as well. 

Booking: Once your spots are booked, you'll receive confirmation, followed up with correspondence from Dungeon Master Matt via email. 

True North Coburg: 2A Munro Street, Coburg. 6:30pm arrival for a 7:00pm start.