Junior Heroes Guild Membership - Monthly

Junior Heroes Guild Membership - Monthly

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An annual subscription to join the ranks of the Heroes of Micenebor, and save the Realm from the ever present Darkness! 

What is the Junior Heroes Guild?

Put simply, HP Gaming’s Junior Heroes Guild is a safe space for all of our junior gamers to be able to play Dungeons & Dragons without fear of discrimination, or being ostracised by peers. In a moderated environment (either at the tabletop or online, remote play) Players can come together and undertake epic quests, fight incredible beasts and villains, and above all, have some amazing fun!

The story of Micenebor is one of heroes and adventurers that members tell together, a new group of likeminded players, gamers and a sandbox world that they will save together… or die trying. 

The beauty of the Realm of Micenebor, and the Heroes Guild itself, is that the story never truly ends. There is always more to explore. And as players engage with each other, learn from those with more experience and have assistance when and if they need it from their Guildmasters (Moderators and Dungeon Masters), they’ll gain new skills for their characters that they’ll be able to use in other D&D adventures outside of the Guild. 

There is even a memoriam set up for those characters that meet an untimely end in service of the Realm. Epitaphs will be able to be written about the heroic deeds they performed in sacrifice to the Realm, and a new character - created by the player with the help of their Guildmaster - will rise to take their place. 

In addition, those who chose to answer the call and become members of the Guild will have a strict set of rules that they must abide by at all times, or risk expulsion… or worse. 

Membership for the Guild is available in two ways:

Annual Fee (Paid in one instalment) - $149 per year or

Monthly Fee (Paid one week prior to your session) - $19 per month (or 150 silver pieces)

What your fee gets you:

Access to the Guild - including tools for online remote play as well as physical tabletop play

Your PC displayed on our Guild Membership Wall on our website (along with character stats, Level, XP and memorable feats).

Minimum one free session per calendar month (regular price is $25 per player per session) - with additional sessions available at a special Guild member rate of $10 per session. Players are welcome to play as much or as little as they like. There is no pressure to take part in more than one session per month.

Discounts IN GAME at Ulfric’s A Salt & Battery - Finest purveyors of herbal remedies and armaments for protection

Guild Seal Membership Item for use IN GAME - a special seal that indicates to Non-Player Characters of the PC’s worth, to assist in gaining access to settlements and castles. BE AWARE: Showing your Guild Seal to the wrong person could cause conflict!

Discounts on D&D purchases made at www.hpgaming.com.au via monthly codes that will be posted on the offical Guild Discord Server.

Free set of Official D&D Dice (11 piece) upon signup.

Letter of Induction into the Heroes Guild posted to your home from Guild Grandmaster Daenen.

Player Requirements:

Players will need access to the Free D&D Beyond toolset found at www.dndbeyond.com, along with access to the free Discord software package (for use with Online/Remote Play). Discord will also be used as a meeting point for players to chat (moderated) about their adventures, the Guild, and the Realm of Michenebor as it develops.

View more information about the Junior Heroes Guild here