Jurassic World: Instinct to Hunt Puzzles 3x49pc

Jurassic World: Instinct to Hunt Puzzles 3x49pc

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Perfect for kids who love everything to do with dinosaurs!

The Ravensburger Jurassic World Instinct to Hunt Jigsaw Puzzle features 3 highly artistic images of dinosaurs on the hunt from the Animals collection each of which has been precision cut into 49 piece puzzles.

Ravensburger has been making high-quality puzzles since 1891 in Ravensburger Germany where quality is controlled to ensure that no two pieces are alike. This makes it less frustrating as the puzzle is assembled.

Features :

Bright, brilliant colours provide just the right amount of contrast to assist in the completion of this puzzle.
3 puzzles depicting different dinosaurs hunting for food that will entertain the dinosaur hunter in your family.
High-quality pieces that fit together easily make the process of completing the jigsaw a fun pastime.
The box includes 3 by 49 piece puzzles that can be assembled separately into 18 by 18 cm pictures.
The high-quality full-colour box doubles as a jigsaw guide and storage.

Age: 5+