Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares De-lux Box Set

Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares De-lux Box Set

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Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares is a press-your-luck dice collection and manipulation game for 2–4 players. It takes less than a minute to learn and 20–30 minutes to play.

Whenever you close your eyes, you fall into the dream realm: a world of vivid hallucinations and dark monsters. You must use your wits to draw power from the dream realm and break its hold on you, before the monsters can track you down and consume you!

Deluxe Contents

4 x Dreamer Mats
4 x Plastic Overlays
8 x Replacement Dice

Family-friendly Retheme
5 x Family-friendly Nightmare Cards
4 x Family-friendly Dreamer Mats

Bone Hunters Expansion
1 x Bone Hunters Reference Card
8 x Bone Hunters Dice

Manifestations Expansion
20 x Manifestations Cards

Dreamscapes Expansion
10 x Dreamscapes Cards