Q Workshop Dice Macabre Dice Set 7

Q Workshop Dice Macabre Dice Set 7

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Welcome, fellow Necromancers! We heard you like bones. We like‘em too, white, free of meaty sinew (we’re vegan-friendly, yess!), polished and nicely carved. And skulls! Skulls are even better. Roundy and toothy, thicky and shiny, and spacy - to contain immensely dark forces for us to command! We mean, for you, yess…

But we need more. More! MORE SKULLS! We heap them in a pile, yess, we shape them nice and pretty, we give them digits to fool the fate-being! And we make them bigger! And better, yess! And… we’ll get to this later. Follow us, fellow Necromancer! Your journey begins!

NOTE: Dice are supplied unpainted.