Strike Deck Dinos
Strike Deck Dinos

Strike Deck Dinos

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Form your perfect team of dinosaurs, evolve their offense and defense abilities and lead them to victory against your family and friends!

Players select a team of three Dinosaur Characters and then nominate which Dino will be first to battle. They will then select a target from the other players at the table, ready to battle.

All players then race to draw a Strike Card, OR they can elect to swap out their lead Dino for another in their team. Once Strikes or Swaps have been finalised, cards are resolved, with non-Strikes resolved first.

Players can use EVOLVE cards to build up the stats of their Dinos, and use various STRIKES to deal damage to their opponents. If a Dino takes too many hits, that Dino 'retires for healing' and is out of the game!

Players continue to play through rounds, selecting targets, drawing Strikes and resolving evolution and strike cards until only one team is left standing, winning the game!

54 Slider clips
98 Strike (action/attack) cards
102 Character cards (34 Male, 34 Female and 34 SPECIAL EDITION Bosses)
Instruction Sheet

Want to know how to play before you get your copy? Check out our OFFICAL How To Play Video over on our YouTube Channel - GameLINK!