Unlock! Star Wars

Unlock! Star Wars

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The pairing of the popular cooperative escape-room style system with the Star Wars license is sure to grab the attention of gamers throughout the galaxy.

Similar to prior Unlock! releases, Star Wars Escape Game includes three scenarios:

(1) An unforeseen delay You are Outer Rim smugglers transporting contraband for Jabba the Hutt, and you have just been captured by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Your mission is to break out of your cell, find your droid co-pilot, and escape with your illegal cargo.

(2) Escape from Hoth You are part of the Rebellion, stationed at Echo Base on the ice planet Hoth. You are on routine patrol with your tauntaun mount when the base becomes unreachable via communications. Your mission is to continue your patrol, explore the planet, and contact Echo Base.

(3) Secret Mission on Jedha You are an Imperial spy attempting to retrive a crate of kyber crystals after the shuttle carrying them crashed. Your mission is to recover the kyber crystals while maintaining your cover story and avoiding the attention of Rebel scum Saw Gerrera and his band of mercenaries.

In the Unlock! series, each scenario consists of a deck of cards. Players follow clues to advance in the story and check their answers using a companion app. The series does not include any component destruction, so once you have played through the scenarios, you can pass the game on to others.

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